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UAB Equinox Europe is your reliable logistic partner in Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Our aim is to deliver effective, innovative solution with high return on investment and satisfy the client.

We help our clients and potential customers to achieve the settled aims and reach the goals.  Our clients are our partners. Not only do they benefit from Equinox solutions, they play an active role in the development of new products to meet their changing needs in this active and competitive economy.

Equinox Europe customers worldwide are wholesalers, distributors, retailers, logistic and distribution centres, manufacturers and freight forwarders. Our software could be integrated with any other host system (ERP). Our extensive experience and intimate knowledge of your market means that you can expect superior returns on your investment, high quality and fast results.

Equinox Europe expands the limits of logistic solutions, implementing new technologies, innovative project management and providing proposals how to increase productivity, chances and investment in logistics.

Equinox services and solutions start from consultancy project and end with WMS implementation or automatization solutions (conveyors, sorters, cranes, robots, etc.).