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Our approach

Project management

Success of Equinox as a system integrator can be attributed to the building of a superior industrial team of experienced partners and a solid project organization.

Equinox has established and maintains a project management organization for the purpose of accomplishing the objectives of project contracts. This means that project realization is organized separately from other primary processes within Equinox in order to insure the on time and on budget completion of each and every project.

For each project Equinox management appoints a project manager and assigns him/her as the responsible person for the successful realization of the project given the time, budget and technical constraints. Together with this Project Manager a project team is constituted, based upon experience, capabilities, personality and expected performance of team members. Important elements of project management include subcontract management. In most large projects a special subcontract manager is appointed and tasked with the coordination of all subcontracts.

During the integration and test phases of a project, coordination at the customer’s site is the responsibility of the On-Site Manager. This Deputy Project Manager is the liaison for all operational aspects towards the customer in these project phases.



Quality stands first at Equinox. Understanding the key role that Equinox products and services play in everyday operations of our customers, Equinox has assumed quality to be the top priority. Delivering consistent quality is only possible with a system in place. That is why shortly after starting its activities in 1995, the Equinox development centre developed a systematic approach to the product and project execution.

Further, to align quality procedures with a widely accepted standard and to give cus-tomers more insight into quality practices, Equinox successfully passed official certification for the ISO 9001 quality standard. At that time Equinox was the first IT company in Lithuania to achieve certification. The quality system was developed further and in 2002 Equinox was recertified according to the renewed ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Equinox’s quality system is continuously revised and updated to guarantee the highest standards in our products and services.