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Mobotix MOBOTIX are the only networked cameras, which are able to store high resolution video images (1536 lines instead of 288) and a fairly good sound quality. The technology is not only a powerful tool for monitoring almost all areas, but has two unique features: efficient in terms of prices than traditional CCTV video technology and multifunctional tool that can be integrated into the computer network and connected to other companies for use in applications (Warehouse Management WMS Vision).


Application overview



Cameras in logistics are used to monitor labour, personnel, processes and operations. MOBOTIX cameras with the integration of warehouse management system is a powerful tool that allows you accurately to track all the events in warehouse or logistics center. The situation in the warehouse could be visible in 360 degrees or less. Monitoring angle of the situation depends on camera model. The recorded view could be related with warehouse activities and viewed in separated WMS windows.

Security systems

apsaugos sistemos

The modern MOBOTIX network camera technology includes a wide range of functions to allow effective plant and building security surveillance. These cameras are an inexpensive alternative to a security service: they can be installed at all the “critical” points around the premises, operated around the clock and even configured to trigger an event-based alarm. With the help of MOBOTIX cameras, for example, a single gate keeper can also have a clear view over all building entrances and use the integrated intercom to talk to visitors or to open gates/barriers.


stebejimas pramoneje

Whether they are used to monitor jammed conveyor belts, to watch over plant rooms, to remotely monitor production machinery or to record activities at long-term test facilities – MOBOTIX cameras can facilitate industrial processes by assuming diagnosis and monitoring tasks. In the event of malfunctions, the cameras automatically issue alarms and, thanks to their high-resolution images, enable reliable remote diagnoses. Industrial applications are typically very demanding, however, the MOBOTIX outdoor models are weatherproof from -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to + 140°F) and certified according to the IP65 industrial standard.

Public sector


The need to reduce costs is now a top priority in most towns and cities, and MOBOTIX cameras offer an ideal opportunity to ease the financial burden. They can be used, for example, to monitor water levels around the clock in sewage treatment plants eliminating expensive staff making control patrols. In train traffic, the cameras help staff to monitor all tracks at once and to deliver perfectly timed boarding announcements to the passengers waiting on the platforms..

Banking sector


The Accident Prevention and Insurance Association places very high demands on video surveillance in banks. The MOBOTIX banking camera model combines the accident prevention certification required for bank applications with the highest possible data security and an outstanding image quality. For the cameras used in ATMs, MOBOTIX offers a special integration set that is installed directly in the cash machines and documents the cash output. The legally binding images of possible defrauders or vandals can be forwarded to the police without delay.

WEB cameras

web kameraIf cities and towns want to use their websites to attract tourists to come and visit, webcam applications can be just what they need. In addition to their outstanding image quality, MOBOTIX webcams use an integrated logo generator to fade in logos of local companies and sponsors – a camera that generates advertising revenue can pay itself off in no time. But you can find MOBOTIX webcams even in places where few tourists dare to go – observing weather conditions on the summit of the “Zugspitze”, for example, or in the perpetual ice of Antarctica.

Home security

namu apsaugaWhat should you do when you want to make sure that everything is fine at your summer cottage? How can you protect your city home against break-ins? Thanks to MOBOTIX, you can now install a professional security system to guard your property. Except for the camera, the only other thing you need is a regular PC with Internet access. Set the system up, connect it accordingly and sleep in peace. And even when you’re not at home, you can check on things by viewing the camera’s images on the Internet. The camera can issue an alarm to you by e-mail, text messaging or telephone call.