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Warehouse control system

Warehouse programm – μVision (microVision) – is used to control, register and log warehouse operations. The programm suites best for small and medium companies, that want to register operations, control SKU attributes during oredr picking process and encrease reliability to the clients.

Warehouse control program μVision uses barcode technologies and could be easily integrated with IT system.μVision – guarantees traceability of warehouse operations. The program registers goods activities during receiving, picking, shipping processes and provides inventorization means.

Because of simple architecture and ergonomic system design μVision is easy to use in every step.

Main functions of the program:

–        No printed sheets – work instructions

–        All information is provided on barcode scanner screen

–        Registration of operations

–        Possibility to control additional parameters (expire date, lot number, etc.)

–        Unlimited number of users

–        Data transfer to/from IT system

–        Quick and precise inventorization

–        2D barcodes

–        Direct data input to the system

–        Maintenance and technical support