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Automation start at the new LITHUANIAN POST logistics center


Technological implementation of EQUINOX automated solution has started in the new logistics center of LITHUANIAN POST. Installation of the first sorting machine has begun. It is designed to automate the process of distribution of small parcels up to 5 kg. The other sorting machine is designed to handle larger parcels up to 30 kg.

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Equinox Europe pomoże przejść na e-commerce


Wraz z rozwojem COVID-19 na Litwie i na świecie, znaczna liczba biznesów stoi przed koniecznością reorganizowania procesów i adaptowania się do szybko zmieniającej się sytuacji na rynku. Handel coraz szybciej przenosi się do sklepów internetowych, co niezbędnie uzasadnia zmianę procesów logistycznych z handlu detalicznego na handel e-commerce. Jako liderzy na rynku w zakresie optymizacji procesów logistycznych, przygotowaliśmy rozwiązanie, które pozwoli z waszą istniejącą infrastrukturą magazynową szybko i sprawnie przejść na e-commerce.

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Equinox Europe – your partner in this difficult time


Dear customers, in the face of growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19 through Europe, we would like to inform you that your long-term partner „Equinox Europe“, JSC continues to work consistently to help you during this difficult time. We are closely following the guidelines of government and health authorities, therefore we would like to inform you that most of our specialists work remotely, but all your needs are carried out in a regular working mode.

We would like to ensure you that even through this challenging time our customer support service center continues working around the clock and is still available 24/7, response times to the problems occurred or your requests remain the same. We are doing our best to solve the problem remotely, you can reach our team by phone, e-mail, via Skype, Microsoft Teams or other possible communication means. If problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will send necessary spare parts to the site of your system and will properly instruct your personnel how to fix the problem step-by-step in order to ensure that the problem is eliminated. The terms of supply and production of spare parts remain unchanged, and we currently have sufficient amount of spare parts in stock.

For customers, who are currently experiencing a significant increase in orders to be processed, we are ready to remotely make necessary changes to warehouse management system, install additional modules or functionality that will allow you to rearrange your warehouse processes in the most efficient way and fully utilize all possibilities to speed up the processing of operations and to increase warehouse throughput. We will give priority to customers, who are currently supplying people with essential goods.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

We wish you to remain optimistic and, most importantly, healthy through this difficult time!

With kind regards,
Director of „Equinox Europe“, JSC
Rasa Beskajeviene

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IFtorina 2020: „Equinox Europe“ amongst event sponsors


On 01st of February, 2020, the annual informatics and math quiz IFtorina 2020 took place at Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian Energy Institute, organized by VMU Faculty of Informatics. High school senior students from diffetent cities of Lithuania participated in the quiz.

During the event, participants had to complete a variety of tasks from such areas as mathematics, programming, multimedia, artificial intelligence and computer graphics. Students had to overcome various challenges and to solve different problems that could arise in the future world. One example called to imagine year of 3500: the world where all major work is done by automated systems. One team of students was tasked to restore a power failure, another team was trying to control the failed robots, others were trying to escape from a smart house with a malfunctioning security system, and a fourth team had to bring a packet of printed food to Mars.

At the end of the event awards ceremony took place, and the best performing students were awarded with prizes from sponsors.

We are exited to contribute to such an enthusiastic quiz for the search of young talents, and that‘s why we have been supporting IFtorina event for several years in a row, which we hope will continue to succesfully exist for a long time and help ambassadors of future generation find themselves in the professional field.

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Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001: Information security standard


On 9th of December, 2019, „Equinox Europe“ was granted the certificate, confirming that company‘s management system complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 (Information security) and ISO 9001 (Quality management) standards, conformity has been validated according to the certification procedure.

Modern business is based on the reliability of partners, and the effectively functioning management system is one of the key elements to ensure products and services of stable quality and to maintain customers‘ trust. Certified management system ensures consistency and certainty of ongoing processes, the systematic implementation of goals.

For this reason, „Equinox Europe“ set itself a task to implement an information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001 standard, which was successfully achieved in 2019. Company has secured high quality and safe information management, implemented security measures in line with global best practices, risks related to information security are identified, analyzed and managed at once, as well as compliance with clients’ legal and other requirements is ensured.

Quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard has been implemented at „Equinox Europe“ since 1999, which is audited annually, and constantly is being reviewed and improved: in order to ensure high level of service, measures are taken to advance technological level of business processes, to improve qualification of specialists and communication between employees, also to ensure reduction of errors.


Certificate, confirming compliance with requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 standards

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LITHUANIAN POST logistics center – EQUINOX automated solutions


On the 23rd of September, 2019, Lithuanian post and Equinox Europe signed two agreements in order to automate the process of parcels distribution in the new main logistics center of Lithuanian post in Vilnius city. The automated solution includes two sorting machines: one for distributing small parcels up to 5 kg, the other for distributing larger parcels up to 30 kg.

We are excited about the new project and the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of innovation in Lithuanian post. Equinox automated equipment for distributing parcels will solve a major customer’s problem – currently all parcels are distributed manually, and this greatly affects time costs and the probability of errors. Equinox solutions will automate the process of parcels distribution – operations will become much simpler and faster, it means that the supply chain will be significantly shorter, therefore the addressee will receive the parcel much faster, also, the quality of customer service will improve, as well as, the working conditions of the personnel involved in the distribution process.

It is scheduled to complete the automation of parcels distribution by 2020 before Christmas peak.

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On 25th of September, 2019 „Equinox Europe“ received the continuous certificate „Strongest in Lithuania 2012-2019“, that was issued by the credit bureau „Creditinfo Lietuva“. Such certificate is granted to the companies that have a high credit score. It confirms that „Equinox Europe” is a reliable company and always fulfills its financial obligations on time. „Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for several years in a row.

„Strongest in Lithuania 2019“, list of certified companies

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In July 2019, “Equinox Europe” has signed an agreement for the implementation of warehouse management system with “” – one of the largest e-commerce players in Poland. According to the contract schedule, warehouse management system will start in late October 2019, just before Christmas fever, which will allow our client to manage the increased flow of orders smoothly at the end of the year.
„“ offers its customers a wide range of goods, nearly 1 million different items. „“ is the leader in online commerce in Poland in such categories as computer equipment, household goods, tools and electronics, and mobile phones.

As is known, since 2018 „“ operates in partnership with „Pigu“ – the largest e-commerce company in the Baltic States. Companies cooperate, exchange knowledge and best practices in logistics and business automation.
As a reminder, we have been working closely with „Pigu“ group on logistics processes optimization for quite some time now: „Equinox Europe“ warehouse management system was implemented for two „Pigu“ companies – in 2013 at the warehouse of „“ (Lithuania) and in 2014 at the warehouse of „“ (Latvia). Besides, in 2015 at the warehouse of „“ also the automated conveyor system was installed – the solution of „Equinox Europe“, which is currently under development and to be filled with new capabilities.
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Customers are happy with our solutions: The efficiency of UAB „Rivona“ has been successfully increased


Šarūnas Rakauskas, the warehouse manager of UAB „Rivona“, says that after the solution of UAB „Equinox Europe“ – the sorting system – was installed, the speed and accuracy of the operations performed by the employees has significantly increased in the warehouses of the trading network „Norfa“ in Kėdainiai town. Besides, the nature of the work has become easier. In addition, the installed system helps to maintain the freshness of products in supermarkets.

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On 26th of October, 2018 UAB „Equinox Europe“ received the continuous certificate „Strongest in Lithuania 2012-2018“, that was issued by the credit bureau UAB „Creditinfo Lietuva“. Such certificate is granted to the companies that have a high credit score. It confirms that UAB „Equinox Europe” is a reliable company and always fulfills its financial obligations on time. UAB „Equinox Europe“ received a similar certificate in the past, for the year 2011. Thus, UAB „Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for the eighth year in a row.

Certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2018”

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