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Customers are happy with our solutions: The efficiency of UAB „Rivona“ has been successfully increased


Šarūnas Rakauskas, the warehouse manager of UAB „Rivona“, says that after the solution of UAB „Equinox Europe“ – the sorting system – was installed, the speed and accuracy of the operations performed by the employees has significantly increased in the warehouses of the trading network „Norfa“ in Kėdainiai town. Besides, the nature of the work has become easier. In addition, the installed system helps to maintain the freshness of products in supermarkets.

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On 26th of October, 2018 UAB „Equinox Europe“ received the continuous certificate „Strongest in Lithuania 2012-2018“, that was issued by the credit bureau UAB „Creditinfo Lietuva“. Such certificate is granted to the companies that have a high credit score. It confirms that UAB „Equinox Europe” is a reliable company and always fulfills its financial obligations on time. UAB „Equinox Europe“ received a similar certificate in the past, for the year 2011. Thus, UAB „Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for the eighth year in a row.

Certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2018”

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In 2018 Equinox Europe became the authorized partner of Extreme Networks.

As one of the world’s largest leading providers of high-performance networking solutions, Extreme Networks delivers high-performance switching and routing products for data center and core-to-edge networks, wired/wireless LAN access, and unified network management and control.

The authorized partner certificate




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In Equinox Europe ideas become reality


In company Equinox Europe there is an event called “Next day delivery” which is continuing third year in a row. The main idea of this event is to involve all employees to gather into teams and do a little bit of brainstorming and creating whatever they want. Most important rule is to achieve what they want during 24 hours period and try to create something useful for the company.

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The contract with the retail chain in UK was signed


During December 2014, the contract with the largest supermarket chain in the UK that specializes in Eastern European cuisine was signed. This retail chain offers the best quality production from Lithuania, Poland, Russia and other Eastern European countries; it has a wide selection of fresh and frozen products. Warehouse management system, provided by UAB “Equinox Europe”, will help Customer to optimize the logistics of the retail chain warehouse.

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Consulting the Polish dealer of auto parts


In December, 2014, „Equinox Europe“ has started to provide consulting services on logistics matters to one of the largest auto parts dealer in Poland – company „Auto Partner“. Logistics consulting provided by „Equinox Europe“ will help the client to optimize warehouse operations and processes.




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Happy to help doubling „DPD Lietuva” operational efficiency


“Equinox Europe”, as the winner of the tender for the supply of technological equipment, is happy to help “DPD Lietuva”, Lithuania’s largest small parcel delivery service, to increase operational efficiency. Currently, at “DPD Lietuva” terminal in Vilnius city, parcels are being sorted manually from the conveyor. At the new central terminal in the Free Economic Zone of Kaunas, which is going to be opened in September, 2015, “Equinox” will install automatic conveyor for sorting parcels, by which parcels will be sorted automatically from the conveyor to different cities and countries. It is expected that there will be sorted twice more parcels in a day.




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THE STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2014 – for the fourth year in a row


On 02nd of October, 2014 UAB „Equinox Europe“ received the certificate „The Strongest in Lithuania 2014“, that was issued by the credit bureau UAB „Creditinfo Lietuva“. It confirms that UAB „Equinox Europe” is reliable company and always fulfills its financial obligations on time. Such a high solvency rating belongs to 4% of companies operating in Lithuania. UAB „Equinox Europe“ received a similar certificate in the past, for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Thus, UAB „Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for the fourth year in a row.

Certificate “The Strongest in Lithuania 2014”

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UAB „Equinox Europe“ is certified according to ISO 9001 for 15 years already


On 2nd of September, 2014 the certificate, which confirms that quality management system in UAB „Equinox Europe“ corresponds to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008, came into force. This certificate ensures accurate and coherent performance of high quality, guarantees the transparency, clarity and continuous improvement of all processes, which results in developing a product / service of high quality. Quality management system in UAB “Equinox Europe” has been operating successfully for 15 years already.

Equinox Europe Siegel_TIC_9001.


Certificate, which confirms compliance of management system to ISO 9001:2008


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WMS system is installed at “Pigu LV” warehouse too


From now on “Pigu LV” warehouse that is situated in Latvia is also being operated by the warehouse management system that is installed by UAB “Equinox Europe”. More than a year ago the similar solution has been successfully implemented at “Pigu LT” warehouse, which caused the considerable efficiency improvement of Lithuanian warehouse operation. After the extremely smooth warehouse management system startup at Latvian warehouse, it is planned to achieve similar results by increasing the accuracy and speed of orders fulfillment.


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