Our company „Equinox Europe“, which belongs to international Equinox group, nearly 30 years ago was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Today, „Equinox Europe“ provides comprehensive solutions for optimization of logistics processes from warehouse design to complete robotization of warehouse. The company employs about 80 top-level logistics, automation, robotics and IT specialists. We are proud that the core of our team has remained unchanged since the beginning and that it passes on the experience gained in the field of logistics over the years to our younger colleagues.

We constantly invest in new technologies and maintain close ties with our partners by collaboratively exchanging knowledge and good practices.

We move dynamically together with the shifting market situation, we are open to changes and we are always looking for the optimal solution. We have about 300 successfully implemented projects around the world, we are constantly improving and we believe that our solutions make our customers’ daily lives easier.

We are a strong team of professionals, we are enthusiastic, we love challenges and healthy competition, we are fascinated by intellectual innovations and solutions, we focus on professional development of our employees and on the discovery of new talents. Knowledge and skills accumulated and tested in practice allow us to be the best in our field. We consider ourselves a long-term educational partner.

Quality and Information Security

Modern business is based on the reliability of partners, and customers‘ trust is maintained by ensuring stable quality products and services, consistency of ongoing processes and systematic implementation of the goals set. For this reason, quality is an integral part of our business. Since its establishment the company has been carrying out systematic project development, ensuring high flexibility and high quality of solutions provided.

In 1999, „Equinox Europe“ implemented Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, System is annually audited, constantly inspected and improved. The company has ensured high level of services by advancing technological level of business processes, by improving qualification of specialists, by enhancing communication between employees and by reducing the probability of errors.

In 2019, „Equinox Europe“ implemented Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 standard. The company has ensured high-quality and secure information management by implementing security measures in accordance with the best global practices: risks related to information security are immediately identified, analyzed and managed, as well as compliance with customers‘ legal and other requirements is ensured.