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ACC Distribution: technology giant is investing into Equinox WMS

2021 05 07

ACME Group – technology distributor – group of Lithuanian capital companies – always had an exceptional sympathy for innovative, smart, life-improving solutions, therefore the wholesale of technological products has been the core of this company's business for almost 30 years. 

ACC Distribution, as part of ACME Group, is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale companies in the Baltics, which represents more than 200 suppliers and brands of information technology, computer hardware, software, audio, video and photography, computer games and home appliances and serves more than 4000 customers in the Baltics.

After assessing the growth potential and the need to optimize logistics, ACC Distribution management decided to invest into Warehouse Management System that will allow the efficient use of warehouse space, will ensure the turnover and availability of goods in the warehouse and will help to easily and conveniently control the productivity of staff and fulfillment of orders. 

The choice of WMS supplier was determined by the long-term experience of Equinox team and its focus on customer's needs. The choice was also influenced by the wide possibilities of Equinox WMS itself, the assured realization of integration with business management system and by the system's compatibility with many other technological solutions.

Partnership agreement between Equinox and ACC Distribution is already signed, the project is to be realized in two customer‘s warehouses, implementing Multiwarehouse function that supports WMS operation in several warehouses at once and other versatile WMS modules which will best meet customer's logistics needs in accordance with the recommendations of Equinox specialists.