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Equinox Customer Support – 24/7 Service

2021 02 04

Customer Support Service is crucial for real-time operation systems.

As Equinox Europe provides complex solutions for logistics, which integrate both software and hardware, our CSS team of experts is at your service – 24/7 – always ready to eliminate any troubles or to consult you on any issues.

Equinox offers an innovative tool for tracking such issues – Equinox ServiceDesk – convenient communication platform where you can register your problem, monitor status of its management, ask for new software functionalities or seek any other necessary guidance. 

Jonas Sergejenka, Head of Equinox CSS team, with 25 years of experience and absolute knowledge of Equinox products:

“Today, reaction time is everything, faster response means greater service. All requests coming from our customers are of high importance, and our team puts all efforts to resolve issues at the maximum speed even at peak hours. Equinox ServiceDesk comes in very handy to make this happen."

Equinox ServiceDesk