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NOVA POSHTA: Dnipro logistics terminal has opened its doors

2022 02 08

The market leader in express delivery in Ukraine – NOVA POSHTA – opened a huge automated logistics terminal in Dnipro in early February. The logistics center is equipped with modern automated distribution equipment for processing small and large parcels.

For the distribution of small parcels up to 2 kg the modular Equinox LR-sorter is installed, it can process up to 10 000 parcels per hour. The second analogous LR-sorter will be installed at Dnipro logistics terminal in April. Further cooperation with EQUINOX will continue at other NOVA POSHTA terminals.

We are pleased with the successful implementation of the project in the new market and the opportunity to contribute to the development of NOVA POSHTA automation. The innovative Equinox solution will facilitate the work of the logistics center staff and will reduce the parcel’s time at the terminal.

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