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2021 10 19

On 7th of October, 2021 „Equinox Europe“ was granted the continuous certificate „Strongest in Lithuania 2012-2021“, that was issued by the credit bureau „Creditinfo Lietuva“. This evaluation reflects the company's good economic condition and financial results, as well as its contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and a fair business culture. Only 1.8% of Lithuanian companies have such a stable high credit rating.

„Strongest in Lithuania” is an independent external verification of the company's reliability – a business certificate recognized in all Baltic countries. „Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for 10 years in a row.

„Creditinfo Lietuva“ will plant a tree for each printed certificate. For strong and green Lithuania!

Strongest in Lithuania 2021 certificate

Strongest in Lithuania 2021 - list of companies