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UAB "Kosmelita": step forward with Equinox

2021 09 28

UAB „Kosmelita“ operates one of the largest beauty and cosmetics retail chain in Lithuania – EUROKOS, which today has 124 stores throughout Lithuania and an e-shop. The main exclusivity of this chain is a wide and unique, constantly updated product range and attractive prices. With the growth of e-commerce channel traffic, optimal warehouse management has become an inevitable necessity.

Following the collaboration with logistics experts from Equinox a year ago, to this day a data analysis of the current warehouse situation has already been carried out and the technology has been designed for the new UAB „Kosmelita“ warehouse with the growth prospects in mind.

After efficiently arranging and structuring the sequence of processes, considering that UAB „Kosmelita“ operates through several sales channels, the company's warehouse will be equipped with Equinox Warehouse Management System, which will optimize and speed up order processing – the receipt of goods into the warehouse, placing them on the shelves, picking of goods and shipment of orders to the stores in the case of retail or directly to the customer when purchasing through an e-shop.