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VILNIAUS BALDAI: EQUINOX WMS will help to operate even more efficiently

2021 05 11

VILNIAUS BALDAI continues to invest in process improvement and efficiency gains. EQUINOX specialists and their Warehouse Management System will help the company to optimize logistics processes, ensuring real-time control of important operations.

Jonas Krutinis, general director of VILNIAUS BALDAI:

"We consistently roll out modern automation, robotics and technological solutions in the company's activities. They allow us to work more efficiently – speed up processes and facilitate tasks for employees. In this way, we can grow production capacity and achieve better results."

EQUINOX specialists with solid experience in this field will help to optimize logistics processes for VILNIAUS BALDAI. The partner was selected by the company after a thorough market analysis, calculations for return on investment and evaluation of successful examples of similar projects.

EQUINOX team already performed the analysis of VILNIAUS BALDAI logistics processes, provided insights and recommendations and identified process optimization opportunities. The smooth cooperation determined the next stage – the implementation of Warehouse Management System at company's warehouses.

EQUINOX WMS will be fully adapted to the needs of the company, maintaining the principles and structure of efficient work organization in the warehouse. This means that upon completion of the works, VILNIAUS BALDAI will experience such advantages of the system as stock balance management and real-time traceability. This will increase both the accuracy of the data and the efficiency of work, reduce the number of possible errors and ensure a high level of customer service.

VILNIAUS BALDAI specializes in the production of lightweight cabinet furniture. The majority of the company's products is children's furniture, which is subject to the strictest safety and quality requirements.