Optimization of logistics processes

We help our existing and potential customers, as they grow or change the direction of their business, to cope with the increased flows of goods and to exploit the available warehouse opportunities fully. We study the uniqueness of each situation and existing business circumstances, consider customer’s resources, evaluate the existing unfavorable factors or other possible barriers and select a specific optimal solution in each case.

Our goal is to provide customer with a reliable and efficient solution that would bring actual benefits such as significant increase in operational productivity and expansion of logistics capabilities, that would meet customer‘s expectations, the desired result and would undeniably ensure a high return on investment. The extensive experience and practical insights accumulated by our specialists allow us to ensure the high quality of services and to achieve the goals set.

Warehouse management system

Equinox WMS VISION 7 manages all warehouse processes and operations in real time, controls warehouse staff and equipment used. It is a broad functionality solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers and 3rd party logistics providers. It can be integrated with other IT systems and products to provide comprehensive solutions for different types of businesses. Its advanced architecture enables it to be easily customized for your specific needs. Equinox WMS is an efficient solution which is characterized by a high return on investment, quality and ergonomics. By choosing Equinox warehouse management system VISION, you get one of the best solutions in the field of warehousing logistics management today.

Key features:

  • real-time operation
  • full control over all warehouse processes
  • integration with automated systems

Achievable results:

Maximum inventory accuracy

up to 99,5%

Increased picking accuracy and speed

by 30%

Increased warehouse throughput

by 20-40%

Reduced inventory

by 5-15%

Reduced storage costs

by 15-35%

Automated systems

Each automatization project is unique with its own specific requirements. In close cooperation with customers, we engineer custom system designs that meet the requirements. Our experienced professionals manage the entire process from A to Z. We develop the optimal system design and layout adjusted to your specific situation, we ensure that the automated solution is installed, fully implemented and technically ready to operate in your logistics process.

Automated solutions include:

  • sorting systems
  • conveyor systems
  • automated storage systems
  • AGV (automated guided vehicle) systems
  • robots
Logistics consultancy

Equinox logistics consultants and analysts will help you make the best decision regarding:

Choosing a warehouse location
Optimal layout of a warehouse or logistics center
Organization of existing warehouse processes
Designing possible warehouse processes and operations
Selection of warehouse equipment
Selection of automated equipment
Digitalization equipment

In cooperation with our partners, we represent several manufacturers and suppliers of digitalization equipment:

Hand held mobile computer is wireless data-capturing device with a built-in scanner for scanning barcodes. The purpose of such device, also called as radio frequency terminal, is to scan, transfer and manage data in real time.

Label printers - the range of barcode and label printers is very wide, so we can provide any solution that meets customer’s needs. You will certainly have advice and reccomendations on what to choose and how to use.

Wireless network is a tool for data exchange between fixed and mobile devices and remote workstations. With a wireless access point, radio terminals or computers can connect wirelessly.

Video surveillance cameras is a modern monitoring solution that can be applied and used in many ways. In logistics video surveillance cameras are often integrated with warehouse management system or any other IT system in order to achieve additional benefits and maximize available opportunities.

Parcelcube is a static system for automated dimensioning, weighing and ID capturing of items. It is widely used for warehouse management, calculating the volume of items and determining the optimal layout of items on the shelves, also for outbound logistics, calculating the volume of parcels and optimizing the transportation cost.

RFID - a technology established in logistics is practically irreplaceable in certain areas, is characterized by extremely high efficiency and fast return on investment.